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For a number of years, Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink) has supported amateur sports and been the home of many clubs that actively support talented young athletes. Several big names in the world of ice sports, for example Denise Biellmann, have trained on our large ice rink.

Clubs at the Dolder Kunsteisbahn

ECZ Zurich ice-skating club

The ECZ Zurich ice-skating club uses Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink) for speed skating, figure skating, ice dancing and synchronised skating. The club offers courses in all of these disciplines for children and adults.

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GCK Lions juniors

The GCK Lions’ traditional ice hockey school is the perfect place for kids to start playing the game. Professional trainers are on hand to introduce boys and girls to this unique sport. Various ice hockey courses are available throughout the ice-skating season.

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Züri-Leu Bavarian curling club

Bavarian curling is a centuries-old tradition and is still played today by young and old alike. It can be played as an individual or as a team sport – on ice in the winter and on tarmac in the summer.

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Curling Club Dolder Zurich (CCDZ)

The hall of the Curling Club Dolder Zurich (CCDZ) is part of the Dolder artificial ice rink. The curlers from the CCDZ are located right next to the large ice rink. Trial courses take place several times per season, to which those interested in curling are very welcome.

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