Built in 1930 and covering some 6,000 square metres, Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink) remains to this day the largest one of its kind in Europe. For many years now, the rink has been a popular Zurich venue for ice skaters of all ages.

Dear Guests

We say goodbye to a beautiful winter season and looking forward to spring and summer 2015. It is currently off season for the Dolder Sports facilities. Dolder Bad, Minigolf and the Dolder Sports restaurant are closed.

Dolder Bad is open from 9 May 2015.
More information regarding the start of the summer season and the opening of Dolder Bad will be available soon.

We wish you a nice springtime.

Dolder Sports

Dolder Classics
Classic car show on Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink): get a close-up look at a number of wonderful pre-1980 classic cars and motorcycles at Dolder Classics.

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